5 Vlogging Tips to Get More Views on Your YouTube Vlogs

5 Vlogging Tips to Get More Views on Your YouTube Vlogs


Vlogging has become one of the most popular niches on YouTube. Made popular by Casy Neistat back in 2011, Vlogging is the art of creating ‘video logs’ or ‘video blogs’ and sharing them on YouTube. You can vlog about anything, be it how you spend a family vacation in Greece or how you celebrated New Year with all your close friends. The idea is to shoot all the moments and compile them together to create a short documentary. 

Today, everyone wants to start a vlog on YouTube. Since vlogging helps people build a career doing what they actually love, it’s no surprise that the number of vlogging channels on YouTube has grown immensely. Unfortunately, this rapid increase has also made it challenging for novice vloggers to get instant YouTube views on their videos. If you’re planning to start vlogging as well, there are a few tricks that you should remember to engage your target audience and build the desired viewership. 

In this guide, we’re going to share the most effective vlogging tips to increase the number of views on your vlogs. 

1. Follow a Strict Posting Schedule

Whether you are yet to start your channel or have already posted a bunch of vlogs on YouTube, make sure to create a dedicated posting schedule and ensure to follow it strictly. For instance, if you plan on publishing three videos in a week, decide the days/time and make sure that your vlogs are uploaded by then. 

Following a dedicated schedule will help you keep the viewers engaged. They’ll always know when to expect videos from your channel and as a result, you’ll get more views easily. Also, try to post videos when your potential audience is most likely to be using YouTube. 

For instance, if your target viewers are millennials, you can post videos later in the evening. Similarly, if your target audience includes kids (10-15 years old), you can post videos during 2-7 pm as that’s when they are most likely to be scrolling through YouTube. 

2. Brainstorm Different Ideas

If you want instant YouTube views, make it a habit to always plan your vlogs in advance. For instance, if you are exploring a different city and want to shoot a small travel vlog, it would be better to decide on what tourist attractions you want to cover in the video. This will give you enough time to shoot the right clips in the best lighting conditions. Moreover, you’ll be able to get the clips more quickly and follow your posting schedule easily.

Planning a vlog in advance is also beneficial for YouTubers who usually carry a lot of vlogging equipment while traveling. Since you’ll know what types of video clips you want, you’ll be able to carry the necessary gear and leave everything else at the hotel. 

3. Use Effective Marketing to Promote Your Vlogs

Always remember that if your channel is relatively new, no one is going to stumble across your videos randomly and watch them till the end. As a YouTuber, it’s your responsibility to make your videos reach the viewers. So, as soon as your vlogs are up on YouTube, start with its promotions. 

First and foremost, make sure to share the video on all your social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Next, share the YouTube link with all your close friends and family members on Whatsapp. And, finally, if you have the required budget, invest in paid marketing, and make your videos reach a wide variety of audience by running paid ads on different platforms   

If you still struggle to get the desired views on your videos, go ahead, and buy YouTube views. Even though buying views is not the most honest way to get views, it’ll help you get the initial kickstart and make your videos reach the right people. Buying views is a suitable option for people who don’t have extensive social media following. 


Vlogging has become one of the most aspiring careers of the 21st century. Through vlogging, you can make a decent living while following your passion. If you also want to start a vlogging channel on YouTube, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tricks to get YouTube views and boost the popularity of your channel.  

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