Benefits of using Vehicle Tracking System in Fleet Business

Benefits of using Vehicle Tracking System in Fleet Business


A GPS tracking system has become an essential tool in fleet business. It not only helps in efficient management of the vehicles but also reduces the operation costs, eventually giving a boost to your business.  Vehicle tracking system offers different features that play a significant role in keeping a check on the common issues, like engine-idling, stop-over time, excess fuel consumption, etc. 

Let’s see in detail what benefits a vehicle tracking system can add to the fleet business: 

 Boost productivity:

Tracking system for vehicles gets you essential data which helps in monitoring the unproductive approach and fixing the same. It offers trip details including figures, like total duration, total distance covered, average speed, engine idling, stop-over time, etc. The insight of the trip lets you calculate the performance of the vehicle and its driver, so you can plan the trips better to increase productivity.

Control fuel consumption:

In the fleet business, fuel consumption is the most cost-intensive part, and you cannot dodge it. Additionally, actions of drivers like putting the engine idle for long hours results into unnecessary consumption of fuel.  Vehicle tracking systems can let you control the excessive consumption, and hence you can save a lot. The device offers stats for the duration of engine idling, speeding, mileage, etc. using which you can know the reasons behind wastage of fuel. Further you can guide the driver to avoid the same.

Monitor driving behavior of drivers:

There are a set of rules and guidelines defined by the company which the drivers have to follow while driving.  So, it is must to monitor the drivers to ensure if they are obeying the rules or not. It is possible with the real-time data of operation provided by the tracking system. It helps in checking the conduct of drivers on duty and determining their performance.

Keep your drivers safe:

Keeping track of the movement of drivers could be a saviour for their life. Managers can stop the drivers from unsafe driving, over-speeding and entry into a restricted area.  Tracking systems sends various alerts that work as vigilant to avoid any mishaps.

Improves Customer Relationship:

Vehicle tracking systems helps in the smooth operation of the business leading to customer satisfaction. Getting real-time updates and the immediate action you take represents your dedication towards providing the best services to your clients.  

When it comes to choosing a vehicle tracking system for your logistic business, you can consider KENT CamEye.  It’s a dash cam-cum-GPS tracker powered by artificial intelligence. The device is designed with dual cameras to capture everything that happens inside and outside the vehicle. 

It allows you to monitor your vehicle from anywhere in the world as the device works in sync with KENT CamEye mobile application. It also offers a fleet management portal for those having large numbers of vehicles. 

A few features of KENT CamEye: 

  1. Live Video Streaming: KENT CamEye offers live video streaming of inside and outside view of the vehicle, whether it’s parked or in motion.  You can stream high-quality video with 4x digital zoom and can watch the in-cabin activities of the staffs. 
  2. 2-way calling:  This device has a built-in microphone and speaker that allows the 2-way communication. As an admin, you can initiate a call on the device while live video streaming through the mobile application. 
  3. Location tracking: KENT CamEye is equipped with GPS that helps in real-time tracking of the en-route vehicles. You can watch the navigation over the map to ensure if the vehicle is on the correct route or not. In case you miss the live tracking, playback the route travelled by the vehicle.  
  4. Real-time alerts: KENT CamEye offers different alerts that act as a strong deterrent against the misuse of the vehicle. It triggers immediate alerts for over-speeding, engine idling, breach of geo-fencing, etc.  
  5. Trip analytics: The device logs trip related details like trip origin and destination, trip start and end time, average speed, distance travelled, trip duration, engine idling duration, maximum speed, and total alerts generated.  

There are a lot more features offered by KENT CamEye. You can have a free demo of KENT CamEye to explore and experience its features live. For more information, visit:

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