Devising Marketing Strategy through Google Analytics

Google Analytics by Setting Goals


Digital Marketing is an essential step in today’s world in order for your business to stay relevant and have a presence in the online market. It is comprised of all the efforts made to market a business online, using an electronic device or the internet. Businesses can leverage digital marketing through channels like search engines, social media, email and different websites in order to build up a wide base of audience or customers. Great digital marketing strategies can be formed after analysing conversion rate, bounce rate, traffic sources and location of users. The traffic sourced on website through search engines and social networks can be tracked and users can be served with the right marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategy and Use of Google Analytics by Setting Goals

In today’s world where tools such as Google Analytics are available, it has now become possible to see and analyse how a visitor comes and utilizes your website. It also tracks how long visitors stayed, and what kind of content and keywords engaged them. Many marketers make the mistake of not setting up goals in their analytics account.

You can make efficient marketing strategies through Google Analytics, by tying various user actions into a goal When you set a goal, Google Analytics tells you about the percentage of users who meet the goal. This information can be used to improve user flow to whatever a goal is and develop exclusive digital marketing campaign around it.

Demographic Information

Demographic information such as gender and age group helps draft the content and campaigns that engage users. This information is an asset to any digital marketer as it provides precious marketing insights such as if most website visitors are of age 25-35 then the website layout and content needs to fit the demands of this percentage of the population. The geographic information also decides about the regions from which the traffic is flooding and helps determine the market size for the website in particular region. The consumer behavior as well as the kind of content people in these regions are reading establishes the ground for strategizing a good content marketing plan.

Mobile Traffic Monitoring

Mobile traffic monitored through Google Analytics helps pave way to conjure up the strategy of the kind of content that needs to be published on the landing page of mobile device. This also provides insights about the consumer behaviour on mobile devices.

Content Marketing through Content Drilldown Tab

The content drilldown tells about the pages on which people spend most of their time and the pages that have more bounce-rates, this helps understand what is the kind of content on a particular website, that is successful in engaging traffic. The content marketer can then push similar topics into the website and expand on this information. In order to view this one can click on the behavior tab and go to the site content drop-down. Along with this, the landing page view can tell about the efficiency of social media strategy and promotional strategy.

Digital Marketing and Website Analysis

An analysis of the website is very important, because only a good analysis about the traffic, bounce-rate and so on & so forth can help bring out the best digital marketing strategies. The websites today thrive on number of audience as well as their engagement and this is precisely where Google Analytics come in handy. Google Analytics help by recording different calls taken by visitors on the web site and match this information with their Google Accounts such as their IP address location, user demographic information, and interests.

Setting Experiments as a Part of Marketing Strategy

With Google Analytics, experiments can be made and set up for different elements on various pages. Google Website Optimizer tells a marketer about conversion rate testing. You can test your headlines, logos, buttons, page layouts, sizes and positions of images,call to actions, related products, content etc. Since this is a highly dynamic space, this is inclusive of marketing strategy.

Looking onto the website data is fun,but browsing cautiously in order to find the important metrics to work on helps build the best strategy. Digital Marketing is a diverse area encompassing many domains, if you want to look for the interview questions that can help you crack that dream job then don’t forget to look on these digital marketing interview questions.

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