Easy Ways To Boost WordPress Site

Easy Ways To Boost WordPress Site


WordPress is a popular content management system that is also used by Fortune 500 companies like Sony, Disney, Microsoft, etc. WordPress sites are user-friendly and thus, easy to manage. It has highly populated users and thus one needs to face competition every time. The solution to avoid competition is to always have unique content and design of a website, don’t use copy material, and structure the site in such a way that users can be easily taken to it.

Website performance and speed are considered as important ranking factors in search results and need to be maintain by all web hosting India providers.  Thus, a WordPress site also needs to speed up, as sites with loading speed of more than 2 seconds usually suffer 47% more visitors bouncing rate. Also, online buyers are very impatient and expect a page to load within a seconds. Thus, if you are running an E-commerce site, then you must get ready to deploy some changes that can yield gain higher profits.

Here are ways to boost WordPress site –

Before everything else, first, you will need to analyze the current website loading time. This time may differ for different pages and mainly depends on factors like :

  • the size of a page
  • its caching situation
  • images on the page
  • other types of content (static/dynamic)

You can use any tool to check the loading time. The homepage is usually considered as the benchmark to test the loading time and then follow the following parameters :

1) Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Provider :

The major factor that impacts the speed of your WordPress website is its hosting. In the beginning, most of us consider choosing a shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth, emails, space, etc. But often time, we miss out on the reality that in shared hosting the loading time of a website gets increased. As multiple websites get hosted on a single web server and all of them use the same resources, the site not even gets 99% uptime. This may not be a suitable option for all websites.

Luckily, now we have got a cloud hosting at very affordable prices. WordPress hosting India accelerates the speed of a website up to 200 times. The dedicated cloud server from MilesWeb decreases the loading speed of a site and provides high performance to the visitors.

2) Select lightweight WordPress theme :

WordPress offers an immense number of beautiful themes, social icons, sliders, dynamic elements, plugins, etc those may feel appealing to our eye. But if they have too many elements and higher page sizes, then they will definitely hand your web pages. So, the option, in this case, is to use lightweight themes.

3) Optimize and Reduce Image Size :

Whenever a visitor comes to your site, their browser needs to load every part of the page. Most of the time, images take more time to get load, so it becomes necessary to optimize and re-size the image size for faster loading.

A Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress allows you to notice that you can upload full-size images and then adjust their sizes with the backend process.

Or the easy way is to compress images size using any of the image optimizing tool. These tools can reduce the image size up-to several percentages. The use of these tools is very easy, just upload an image and the tool will reduce the size of an image without affecting its resolution. Make sure, you optimize all images before uploading them on your WordPress web pages.

4) Perform Plugins Sorting :

WordPress offers a huge number of plugins for free to use on a website, but you may not need each of them. Always remember every plugin that you use needs resources for its working, and using more resources may slow down the website speed.  So, if you notice that your site is running slow, then you must check the plugins installed. Remove all the unwanted plugins that you no longer use.

5) Fix all Broken Links of your Website :

Though broken links on your website content don’t affect website speed up-to a large extent, but, it does hamper the user experience. Broken links in your JavaScript, CSS and Image URLs can make a website very slow and thus irritating for visitors. So, scan your website, find the broken links and scan them before they cause any further damage to a site.

6) Reduce the HTTP Requests :

Every time visitors come to your website all the elements on the webpage get to download for them. This includes images, videos, animations script fonts, style sheets, etc. For all these elements of a web-page, a different HTTP request is made. The number of parts on your page goes proportional to the HTTP requests made by anyone visiting your site, and this leads the longer page loading time.

All this doesn’t mean you need to strip down webpages for better loading speed. The wise way is to spot many HTTP requests on your website and process them.

In the end, make sure you keep the website easy to navigate for the users.

Conclusion :

I know you will consider all the above-mentioned points and try more different techniques to get a faster WordPress website speed. In the process, it is advised to check that your hosting provider works 24/7 and offers at-least 99% uptime.

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