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Eighteen Century

The dates way back to the middle of the eighteen century roughly when secret groups & fraternities were practiced in the college of William Marry. And it was there were the first registered, socially acquainted fraternities came into existence in 1757 AD.

Those fraternities were the apple of the eye in the contemporary scenario as they had an abundance of secrecy & proficiency. With the passage of the time towards the late of the eighteen centuries, these fraternities included the disciples from the campus of Harvard to bring in the best minds onboard.

Early Nineteenth Century

Coming forward to 1825 AD, union College came up with socially aquatinted and largely accepted fraternities to be highly popular among the undergraduates. A few years down the lane, two more fraternities were also bloomed up on the same campus making it a house of Triad.

The growth of the fraternities was highly opposed by the university management. To such an extent the things were bitter, that these fraternities were tried to be curbed with a heavy hand which ultimately led to many high-profile cases in the courts of the United States of America.

Even to the extent in several universities, it was shocking that expulsion from the college was the punishment if found to be associated with fraternities & practicing their principles.

But the spirit among the members of the fraternities were having high flames and high hopes, that punishments similar to capital punishments can stop the practicing & preaching.

Late Nineteenth century

On the contrary, in 1845 AD, the fraternities started intradisciplinary meetings & the halls where they were performed widely become popular as the lodges of the fraternities.

Moving ahead to the end of the nineteenth century, the fraternities started purchasing& acquiring their residential buildings & permanent lodges to make their foothold turn into a strong deep-rooted society culture. And to perform all these transitional activities & legal works, the necessities of a full-scale fraternity management services came into existence. Even many fraternities build their own as per their choice & design – this was quite a pomp & grandeur to the success of the fraternities. Going forwards not only the fraternities but also their chapters in different universities & colleges followed the suit.

Interestingly some of those old houses & buildings are still in possession of these fraternities where they still preach & practice. The responsibility of managing these buildings lies in the hands of some fortune 500 fraternity managing companies. To know more about these buildings, their secrecy & fraternity management please feel free to go through our blogs.

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