Get All Answers for Questions about Buying YouTube Views

Get All Answers for Questions about Buying YouTube Views


As you are reading this blog right now, more than 300 hours of video content is being uploaded on the YouTube platform. As it keeps on getting denser every day, it is quite difficult to attract the viewers and subscribers. 

How to hit your target audience with your channel? You buy YouTube views. 

Now, many questions arise in the mind regarding buying YouTube views, such as:

  • Are buying Youtube views illegal? 
  • Will YouTube know you have bought them? 
  • Will views work fine? 

Well, these are some of the questions we are going to answer in this post. 

How Buying Youtube Views is Beneficial? 

For beginners, there are quite a lot of several advantages if you buy YouTube views. One of them is being you reaching your target audience fast. You can buy views to accelerate the generic growth of your videos. Apart from that, the videos that have high views can also influence the audience to watch your views to know why your video have that much high views. 

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If a certain video has a lot of views and for comparison, we have another video with a relatively lower number of views, then you would be attracted to see the video that has more views. Thus, this is how buying more views helps.

Are buying Youtube views illegal? 

A lot of YouTubers think that it is illegal to buy YouTube views. It is not! Many YouTube Celebrities have bought views and not even for once, there was any legal violation. 

Yes, you need to be wary of the Terms of Service of YouTube but they are 100% legal. So, no your account will not be blacklisted as long as you are following the terms of service to Buy YouTube Views

Will YouTube know you have bought them? 

There are many platforms from where you can buy Youtube Views such as YouTube and Google Advertising or any other view selling organization. If you are buying views from YouTube and Google, obviously, they know. 

If you have bought views from any organization that uses bots to increase view count, then also YouTube will get aware of it. Thus, you must ensure that you are buying YouTube views from authentical and real YouTube view sellers. 

You may think that many famous YouTubers do not buy YouTube views and beginners only do it. Let us clear this out. 

Everyone who wants to reach faster view goals or reach their target audience will use this tactic. This is one main benefit of the YouTube views wherein you can rank better when you have higher views. A lot of them buy YouTube views to give a boost to their channel and thus, in a way you can do that too if you are a beginner. 


Thus, these are some common doubts in the minds of those people who are going to buy YouTube views for the first time for their channel. Do not worry about the views or your account being banned as long as you are purchasing them from trusted sources. 

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