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best DTH


The best of national and international TV programming comes alive with Airtel DTH, the best DTH in its class.

DTH is a buzzword in TV programming, and you are remiss if you are still watching cable TV. First off, you won’t be able to watch the latest hit TV shows like GoT when mainstream HD channels air them. Second, the picture quality is so poor that you might as well not make the effort to watch anything at all.

Why get DTH?

DTH offers the most rewarding TV experience ever. With crisp images, brighter colours, excellent audio output and your choice of channels to pick from, it is the last word in home entertainment across thousands of homes in India. Think how wonderful it would be to watch hit shows like Game of Thrones, or culinary shows, or even action movies.

Unlike the usual cable TV programming, with distorted images and dull colours, every frame of the show you’re watching comes alive in your living room with DTH, like it’s happening right in front of your eyes. Besides, most cable TV providers do not give customers the choice to pick their favourite programme or have a channel pack. As a result, you end up with a clutch of channels that you don’t even need, but which you pay for all the same.

You can pick between the pre-set channel bundles with a leading service provider like Airtel. Airtel DTH also offers the option of modifying the channel pack later.

Why buy Airtel DTH?

Depending on which city you live in, you can choose the Airtel channel bundle that has different kinds of channels and also pack prices. Log on to the Airtel website to know the latest plans being offered in your city. Airtel also helps you book the connection online.

  • Each Airtel bundle is designed keeping in mind genre, language of the channel, whether the channels can be grouped with other genres, etc.
  • Airtel DTH has a monthly rental of Rs 240 only. The pack comprises both HD and SD channels. Airtel is one of the few DTH providers to offer all 50 HD channels currently available in India.
  • Choose between English and regional language GEC packs, infotainment, News, Sports, Movies, Kids, Devotional, etc.
  • Every Airtel DTH plan includes the price of the channel pack, HD set top box, HD remote control (operates both the TV set and the set top box), dish antenna, Network Capacity Fee (NCF), activation charges and installation charges. Check the complete schedule of charges before you proceed.
  • Once you choose your city of residence and the Airtel channel bundle of your choice, click on ‘Continue’ and submit contact details so that Airtel can contact you. You will be asked for your precise location, and the installation team will be sent to your residence to fit the DTH. The KYC process for the connection will also be done at this time.
  • After installation, you will be explained about using the remote control, operating the set top box, choosing or bookmarking certain channels, playback and programme recording options, etc.

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