How KENT CamEye helps in avoiding in-car crimes

CamEye helps in avoiding in-car crimes


There are times when your car is used as a cab by working professionals in odd hours. In many cases, these cabs are used to commit crimes that you don’t come to know.

A number of private cars and cabs wait for people to sit in the car and they drop them to their destination for quick money, they don’t charge much but help drivers to earn extra mullah while their owners are away.  A similar incident happened in a cab near sector 16, Noida.

Mukesh, a working guy,  was running late for home and took a cab instead of Metro. Never he imagined, that this ride is going to cost him heavy.

The driver took a wrong turn to a deserted road and stopped the car there. They hit him to such an extent that he started bleeding from his face and then looted him, they took his office laptop, his mobile phone and he oddly had some Rs. 1200-1300 that they took away throwing him on the road. For more visit Jaguar Personal Contract Hire

Since it was an isolated place, no one caught him and he drove away.

Mukesh could not find help on the road and had to walk in this condition for good one hour to reach to the nearest help. He was then taken to the hospital and that’s when he called his friends.This is indeed an eye opener for people who often take such cabs once in a while. Now imagine, if Mukesh could remember the car number of any specific identity who would have caught? The obvious answer is the owner of the car because it is his responsibility to take care of the car and fight such situations.

This could be taken care easily if a device which could record and track your vehicle’s.

KENT CamEye was installed in the car. KENT CamEye acts as a strong deterrent against crime and other in-car incidents by the drivers. Here is a list of features that can help you control such situations:

Prevents misuse of the car by the Driver

It is often seen that driver’s often overspeed when you are not around but with the help of KENT CamEye you can monitor the driver behavior with AI Alerts. These AI alerts keep you updated when your driver over-speeds, take intentional detours, sleep with AC on or ferry unknown passengers for quick money. For more visit Jaguar Used Cars.

Dual Camera Recording and Live Video Steaming

Adding to the driver monitoring,KENTCamEye has dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car. The device has built-in microphone and speaker which not only records the video of everything happening inside the car but also lets you hear the conversation happening in it. As a owner of the car, it is easy for you to live stream the activity happening inside and outside and record it on cloud. Recording’s are only available to the app admin without driver’s intervention.

Real-Time tracking

The above mention situation was easily avoidable if the owner could have located his car in the KENT CamEye Mobile App. With KENT CamEye you can track the real-time GPS location of the car and side by side can playback the route travelled by car.

KENT CamEye is a GPS camera in India that keeps you in touch with your car and family and ensures 100% safety of both.

When the car is in the hands of the driver, it lacks the monitoring which leads to unlawful ferrying of passengers and further leading to in-car incidents in some cases.

This GPS camera in India is a very useful device for those who rely mostly on drivers.
You can book a free demo of the device by simply calling 9582612345 and sharing your details. One of the company’s representatives will call you to book a preferred time for demo with you.

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