How to Ensure Complete Home Security?

burglar alarm


With the increasing number of crimes taking place, it has become mandatory to install a comprehensive security system to ensure the security of your home and family. Some people still prefer the 9mm ammo and guns solution, especially where the size of the place in question is an estate-type property. Such a place quite usually requiring a combination of various security methods to arrive at the ideal solution. What is a comprehensive security system? A comprehensive security plan is the one that covers your property against all possible threats. And this can be made possible if you have different security systems in place to protect against various threats. For example, CCTV cameras ensure surveillance, fire alarm protects against fire breakout, a burglar alarm to cover you against robbery, and so on.

Technology is upgrading with each passing day, ensuring a better degree of security. You can include various sensors and alarms with the latest technology to your home, for indoor as well as outdoor security. An ideal security system is the one that makes your home safer and more comfortable place to live and that too, without cutting a hole in your pocket. The selection of your security system depends on various aspects like how big your house is, what do you want to protect, what is your budget, etc. Almost everyone has experienced the fear of burglars breaking-in your house at least once in a lifetime. And this worry can be easily put to rest with a sound security system.

Every home/property has a different requirement for safety. There are three fundamental security systems that ensure complete security of your home. Read further to know which are those systems.

Surveillance Cameras – Surveillance cameras are at the base of any security plan. Dome cameras and bullet cameras are two main types of surveillance cameras that are found everywhere from commercial spaces to personal properties. There are few cameras for special purposes like nanny cameras are used to secure kid’s room. Cameras with Infrared (IR) vision like Eurovigil’s I View IP 200 2mp are gaining popularity for providing clear footage even in low light. Surveillance cameras are used for various purpose like monitoring activities in premises, crime intruder, collecting evidence and keeping records.

Burglar Alarm– Burglar alarms as the name suggests secures you against burglary. A burglar alarm has a series of electrical components that are connected to various parts of your home. Its motion detectors trigger the alarm on sensing suspicious activity in premises. Having a burglar alarm installed at your home will ensure round the clock security and thus you can rest assured about the safety. Burglar alarms work effectively to deter thefts as it triggers the alarm on sensing slight motion.

Fire And Smoke Alarm– A fire and smoke alarm is a system that is a combination of smoke detector and alarm. It triggers the alarm on sensing a certain degree of heat or smoke. It can work as early warning of a fire break out and thus save lives and avoid property damage. Many apartments have fire and smoke detector alarms installed on each floor, although it is advisable to have one installed in your home as well.

Investing in sound security systems might sound expensive, but it increases the value of your home. Installing a security system ensures the protection of your property, valuables and family against possible crimes.

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