How Work From Home Solutions In The Pandemic Have Become The New Normal

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With the arrival of the pandemic, has arrived the concept of social distancing and the dire need to normalise it. And while work from home has always been an option for a few companies, the nationwide lockdown initially imposed in 2020 in line with the spread of the Coronavirus has made ‘WFH’ a lifestyle for many. Especially those with 9-5 jobs have adopted and are adapting to strategizing/reporting/conducting meetings on Zoom or Google Meet or Microsoft Teams and platforms likewise. This has obviously led to an increase in a working individual’s screen time whilst offering added convenience.

But imagine virtual meetings, technology and the idea of working from home acting as a hurdle in your business operations. Taking a toll on the relationships you have with your clients. Doesn’t sound about right, does it?

A crisis is often an opportunity in disguise. If you haven’t already optimized working from home for it to work in favour of you and your business, here’s what you can do to stay aligned with the new normal. One of the most sought-after work from home solutions in the new normal is the integration of contact centre solutions in routine business operations. This solution is best known for its convenient ability to facilitate smooth transition of customer service agents to a reliable cloud-based software.

With the longevity of the coronavirus, businesses have witnessed a spike in customer queries and a demand for on-call assistance. Although companies have had to lay low with regards to sales and marketing, this downtime has been utilized by them to engage with their customers and stay in touch. A call centre software aids in steering your business operations led by your Sales team towards convenient customer care services with a quicker turnaround time. And the best part? It rightly fits like a jigsaw puzzle into the whole WFH scenario.

Speaking of making the transition, you need to hit the right balance between amplifying your team’s efforts and keeping your customers happy. Goes without saying, that all of this needs to be WFH-friendly. So, how do you start and what do you do?

  1. Be kind and approachable: Although your employee logs in everyday on time and is doing a fairly decent job, the possibility of him not being mentally okay cannot be outlawed entirely. As an organization, be approachable and understanding. This in turn, will not only increase the loyalty and transparency quotient, but will also keep your employees happy enough to treat and answer your customers with the required patience and warmth.
  2. Has your team adapted to this change? There is no point in investing time in policies and technology/equipment that your team won’t be able to access or understand. Ensure your team is updated, trained and is making the most optimal use of your thoughtfully installed call centre software and is able to meet their end goal of customer satisfaction with convenience better than before.
  3. If WFH for your organization is here to stay, then… Contact centre solutions are the magic spell you need to ensure your call center workforce is effectively working from home. Making call centre operations seamless and WFH-friendly is an ideal objective achieved by cloud-based software. With a decision like this and a transition as such, you can either make your customer’s trust and confidence in you or break it. At the same time, with customer-centricity, you can surprise your customer and make them feel special.

How does this software aid and accelerate your business operations whilst working from home?

– Make your operations scalable, manageable, customizable and easier – Discard the need to install additional hardware – Make the transition comfortable and seamless for call center agents and in turn, the organization – Cost savings for the company due to remote working – Automate processes to manage stress due to low manpower and high demand

With the added convenience and user-friendliness offered by cloud-based softwares, operations with respect to call centers have become smooth. Hence, more and more businesses are adopting cloud technology in the new normal to tackle the COVID-19 environment and the situation.

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