Top 6 Xbox Game History 2019

Top 6 Xbox Game History 2019


The Xbox constructed that reputation over time to house the world’s most excellent console blasters, and deservedly so, but there is so much more that deserves to be celebrated in the 16-year history of the console line. If you want to play Unblocked Games for FREE log in to

SHADOW COMPLEX (360, 2009)

Shadow Complex lacked Super Metroid’s atmosphere and convincing lead, but this Xbox Live Arcade gem was almost as powerful as exploring an ever-expanding game universe and eventually feeling like a complete badass.

Like its clear inspiration, Shadow Complex discovered you in a cavernous subterranean warehouse looking for weapons and armor upgrades, and it became even more exciting as it went. And adding free targeting and other contemporary tweaks raised the outcome.

Dishonored (2012)

Dishonored refutes the prevailing industry wisdom that in a console generation, challenging new IPs cannot debut late. Arkane Studios created an incredibly innovative stealth game with the help of Raph Colantonio and Harvey Smith. The game says Corvo’s story, a lethal bodyguard framed for assassination in Dunwall’s steampunk city. By providing a freeform attitude to each task, players can switch between stealth and fighting whenever needed, and Corvo’s otherworldly skills such as being able to immediately “blink” from location to location breathed new life into the stealth genre.

Dark Souls II (2014)

The Souls series of Software has become the most massive cult phenomena of the previous few years, and Dark Souls II is the bunch’s best. Dark Souls fans are looking forward to the punishing brand of action / RPG fighting and the sense of achievement it brings. Through polished gameplay and elegant dungeon design, this challenge is improved by things Dark Souls II has in spades. There was also a slight attraction from Software accessibility by adding rapid travel to accelerate the action without reducing player frustration or compromising the issue.

 XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

The XCOM franchise was popular with old-school PC gamers, but in 2012, when 2 K Games rebooted the franchise with Enemy Unknown, it was hardly a bankable property. Developer Firaxis reimagined the old turn-based strategy classic finely, allowing you to take a squad of soldiers on a mission in tense, turn-based encounters to thwart various alien threats across the globe. Between missions, players can experiment to improve their offensive and defensive capacities in multiple gathered alien techniques at XCOM HQ. Every fighting operative’s death is permanent, adding another layer of tension and attachment. All in all, for a classic property that translated well into consoles, it’s a wonderful comeback.

Dead Space (2008)

Survival horror has always been connected with the Resident Evil series of Capcom, but Visceral Games, a fresh Electronic Arts studio, grabbed the crown with Dead Space from the originators. This game of sci-fi horror shamelessly provides references to cinematic inspirations such as Alien from Ridley Scott and The Thing from John Carpenter. As stranded engineer Isaac Clarke, players must use a laser cutter repurposed to survive on the USG Ishimura spacecraft.

Halo 3 (2007)

Halo has always been the leading game brand of Microsoft. One wonders if the business would be in the same situation in the sector without the franchise. Halo 3 wrapped up the epic trilogy and saga of the human-covenant conflict, as well as the series hero Master Chief.

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