Top Reasons High School Students Select Stanford University Admission Application

Top Reasons High School Students Select Stanford University Admission Application


Stanford University took the top spot in America’s best college list after bashing the Massachusetts Technology Institute that had reigned consistently for four years to a 2nd position. It has become the most preferred college amongst the high school students not just in America but even in foreign countries.

California College is a wonderful place to apply for because of many reasons. Stanford academics experience differs from one to another. However, here are some top reasons students prefer Stanford over other Universities.

Academics are challenging but students still have fun

The Stanford transfer acceptance rate is extremely high and those who got admission are expected to work very hard. Nevertheless, the students are not always studying in the library but are socially active. Every fall senior students gathered to welcome the new freshmen. The social scene on the campus is active, but the students are free to explore the off-campus Bay Area.

Incredible location and weather

The campus is spread across 8,000 acres of land and is largest in the US. It is affectionately referred to as ‘The Farm’. The Stanford landscape is dominated with Mission restoration styled architectures including its remarkable Main Quad. The Hoover Tower and the Memorial Church are the tallest and most iconic structures on the campus.

Unlike the top east coast schools, California enjoys great weather all year round. The weather is always perfect and sunny. There are cloudy days and rains but students find such moments to enjoy and be cuddly. Spring quarter is referred to as ‘Camp Stanford’ because nice weather means sunbathing, Frisbee, and bathing suits.

Appealing annual traditions

The most notorious tradition of Stanford is Full Moon on the Quad. It is a kissing event amongst the seniors and freshmen on the first full moon night. There is a quirky tradition for an unofficial mascot that changes each year by marching band members.

Access to top-notch faculty and alumni

There are Noble prize winners in Stanford’s academics faculty. It offers the best academic programs like chemistry, computer science, and engineering [every discipline]. You get access to great minds that have come out and those that are still on the campus. Students also get an opportunity to find jobs associated with their interesting field. Professors help students as much as they can.

Intelligent students in need for financial aid get support

The total cost of Stanford study is more than $60,000, so nearly 50% applicants need some kind of financial support. Stanford supports intelligent students financially, so make sure to get the highest GPA, SAT and ACT numbers.

Encourages student entrepreneurship

Stanford students with a great concept of starting a big company do not need to look further because their university helps them. The alumni network at Stanford is strong in generally every kind of industry. It has proved to be strongest in Silicon Valley, where new graduates started popular companies. SnapChap got started in Stanford’s fraternity house, while some alumni are at the rudder of biggest companies like Yahoo and Google.

Stanford alumni get the highest salary

After graduation, an average Stanford student takes home $63,000 at the very start, while nationwide college average is around $45,000.

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