WordPress vs Custom CMS – Which is the Best Solution for Your Content Management System

WordPress vs Custom CMS – Which is the Best Solution for Your Content Management System

Choosing a Content Management System is one of the vital decisions you are going to make while building a web solution for your business. The arrival of a content management system facilitates web development by allowing design partners to quickly and easily build websites for businesses. It also enables companies to update their content, create or edit web pages, and change images, and manage other things on their site. There are two options to choose from.

  • WordPress CMS System
  • Custom CMS

To surpass others in the web crowd, you need to be distinguished from other available resources for your website visitors. This can only be done by having an appetite for useful information and creative content. The selection of the right medium is equally important when it comes to dishing out your content. This is where CMS comes into play as it enables users to edit and create content on the website.

Since you have a couple of options to choose from, you must understand that the choice is going to impact your business. So, let’s review both solutions to understand the difference between the two available options.

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Let’s check out how WordPress is different from custom-build CMS. The article will also highlight the considerable advantages and disadvantages associated.

Remember, content is always the king. No matter how equipped you are in terms of technology, your content will play a crucial role. The better your content, the better your campaign is going to be. So, how you display it depends on a variety of factors.

WordPress vs. Custom CMS WordPress:

WordPress is indeed widely used and recognized as a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. As it is easy to use, offering thousands of plugins, themes, and has expensive capabilities for customization, over 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress. Over 400 million people visit WordPress sites every month.

The other reason for it to stand out in the crowd is its broad community of developers sharing their experience and insights to help one another. Hire a dedicated WordPress developer for your next project.

Custom-Build CMS:

Despite the popularity, WordPress has several proponents who nonetheless go for the advantages of the custom-build CMS. These solutions are exclusives created to serve the specific needs of a company or business. Using custom-build CMS enables businesses to exclusively enjoy control over the platform’s functionality, interface, and updates. Subsequently, custom-built CMS facilitates features that are flexible, relevant, and not limited to any presets.


WordPress: WordPress CMS helps reduce the loading time by allowing users to implement third-party commenting services or use a cloud content delivery network. It offers all kinds of tutorials and plugins to make implementation easier.

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Custom CMS: Custom CMS allows users to build their website the way they have imagined. You don’t have to depend on available plugins in the market. Moreover, you will no longer be confined to the template on both sides: the frontend and the backend.


WordPress: The continuous availability of plugins in WordPress, which is considered as one of its advantages, often turns out to be a disadvantage. Some of these plugins pose a significant threat to the website, as many of them have security loopholes and bugs.

Custom CMS: 

As opposed to WordPress, custom CMS is known for its high-level security. Usually, your website is unlikely to be a target of hackers until or unless it deals with sensitive data or information. The security concern occurs since there might loopholes in third party scripts or risks due to poor coding. So how about having a fully secured version by hiring a professional WordPress developer who builds customized CMS?


WordPress:  Because of its simplicity and tremendous community support, WordPress as a CMS continues to be a top choice for developers.

Custom CMS: 

The absence of unwanted features makes working with this platform a premium experience. It guarantees a pleasant experience to the developers by offering a clean, intuitive, and comprehensive interface.


Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing, ask yourself what you exactly want. In case you are on the fence, feel free to outsource WordPress Development Company, and seek professional advice for your business.

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