5 Ways to Optimise Your Website for Voice Search

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Ever since the advent of smart speakers, searches through Google, Bing, and Yahoo have been predominantly being done by voice. On average, around 40% of all search traffic is already driven by voice queries, making it more important than ever to optimise your website and content for voice search. To help you get started with optimising your website for voice search, here are some tips,from digital agency Parramatta experts, you can implement right away.

Add Focus Keywords

As Google begins to measure search results in part based on how a query is framed, it’s important that you focus your keywords around voice commands, as opposed to written searches. If you’re not sure about the keywords, please seek the assistance of digital marketing agency Parramatta. The digital marketing experts can help you find the right keywords and target them.

Optimise Meta Description

To optimise your site’s Meta description, make sure that you include high-level keywords and phrases in it. Include your business name and address as well. You want to make sure that people see you as an expert in your field so they click through to read more. Lastly, choose words and phrases that show off what you do best. Focus on a succinct phrase that highlights what makes you different from everyone else, especially when it comes to voice search.

Add Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are HTML tags that appear in search results, providing more information about specific types of content. For example, a recipe snippet might include pictures of dishes served with a particular dish and cooking time and prep info. These make it easier for users to determine if an item is what they’re looking for before clicking on it. About 50% of voice search results come from featured snippets. If you have an FAQ page, it’s great. The featured snippet and voice search prefer short and concise answers to user’s queries.

Use Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is a free platform Google offers which allows businesses of all sizes to create a page that exists on Google’s local search. The page will include information such as hours, phone number, and contact information and allow consumers in your area to be able to discover you easily. It will also allow you to provide special deals or promotions via Google’s own apps.

Use Schema Markup Correctly

Schema markup is an HTML tag that helps Google and other search engines understand what your content is about. Schemas help search engines show more detailed snippets of content, which can help attract click-throughs from voice search queries. For example, you might see a snippet like Sydney airport restaurants in voice search results. This means that searchers have asked for a list of restaurants located at Sydney Airport or near it.

Need more help with optimising your website for voice search? A digital marketing agency in Parramatta can help rank your website for voice searches. Please contact your local digital agency or branding agency in Parramatta for further queries.

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