Don’t Undermine a Great Logo Design with these Mistakes

Great Logo Design


As the famous saying by Saul Bass, a graphic designer and Oscar-winning filmmaker goes, designing is one important aspect of your business to grow in any digital platform. When it comes to design, the logo of your business is the first part of your brand that people see, and it must reflect your creativity and personality.

Did you know are recent survey reveals that both small and medium business owners are willing to invest $500 for a log design? But, creating a business logo is not an easy task. So, here we’ve come up with five logo mistakes to avoid to help you design the best business logo and gauge whether your logo will be successful or not.

Mistake #1

Not Choosing Colour Wisely

According to a few statistical reports, 60 to 99% of the evaluations of the audience are purely colour based. So, be smart and choose colours that articulate the attributes of your brand. Don’t be scared to be bold. A good branding agency in Sydney will make use of colour psychology to help you in achieving your goal of designing a successful logo.

Mistake #2

Not Performing Sufficient Research

Your logo is the single-glance identity of your business, and you must not miss out on this logo rationale while creating one. So, get a proper brand education to pool all in the data inputs to create a logo that speaks your brand.

Mistake #3

Going with the Trends

When you are doing the research to create a logo for your brand, all design trends seem super exciting for you, and you’ll be tempted to try them out for your log design. But this is going to be a huge mistake! Trends are temporary, and soon your logo will become outdated and tacky. So, create a timeless logo which tells your audience that your business is relevant whenever they see it.

Mistake #4

Forgetting the Audience

A good logo intrigues your audience and allows them to see you in the best possible light. So, if you fail to consider them, you’ll be left with something that isn’t useable. So, while logo designing, always keep your customers in mind and create a logo that attracts them.

Mistake #5

Choosing Random Fonts

If you are including text in your logo, don’t choose the first font you see or don’t select any without putting any real intention behind it. Yes, fonts do carry meaning, and you want to translate it to your customers in an elegant way. However, you can choose any different fonts for the tagline. So, before deciding on the font style, make sure to familiarise yourself with fonts.

Wrapping Up

The logo is the first thing your audience associates with your brand and spreads brand recognition. So, it’s vital to keep mistakes minimal when it comes to logo creation. So, choose the right creative agency in Sydney to create a logo design that stands out from the crowd.

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