Enterprise signature distribution platform

Enterprise signature


The enterprise signature distribution platform is the tool that allows you to manage your signatures(超级签名服务) and make them available to everyone in the company. You can specify which users and groups get certain signatures, as well as choose when those signatures appear. And it’s all done in a user-friendly interface that works from any device and on any browser!

Provide a central place to manage users and groups

Many organizations have a large number of employees and partners, and it can be challenging to keep track of all the people who need access to your company’s content.

Enterprise Signature Distribution Platform provides a central place to manage users and groups. You can add new users, add new groups, delete existing users or groups, change their display names—anything you need to do when managing the identities of your users!

Choose who gets a specific signature

You can assign signatures to individual users or groups. This gives you the flexibility to customize the signature experience for each person or have a set of signatures that are always available to everyone in your organization.

You can choose which type of signature you want to be enabled for users and whether they get sent through email or Slack.

Specify the situation where a signature appears

The signature can appear in a variety of places. You can add it to the top or bottom of an email, or you can even include it in a document (i.e., as part of your company’s standard template). You have control over the exact look and feel of each instance—for example, you might choose to make some signatures red while others are green.

Allow users to override signatures with their own

Signatures are stored in a database, and the user can choose to use their signature or a signature provided by the system. The signatures are encrypted before they are stored, so no one can access them.

The signatures (超级签名)can be used for a variety of purposes, such as signing documents or providing authorization for transactions. The system also allows users to create self-destructing messages that will delete after they are viewed once by the intended recipient.

Nothing makes people like slow-moving software more than having it accessible from anywhere

It’s a cycle that has a lot of momentum.

The more accessible the software is, the more people will use it. The more useful it is, the more people will use it. And so on…

In the end

And if your signature distribution platform can do that, you’re going to have a happy customer base.

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