Home Schooling, VS. Online/Traditional Schooling

Home Schooling, VS. Online/Traditional Schooling


In the modernized world, feel that homeschooling has become outdated today. The sheer fact that today people pride themselves over which schools and universities they go to give testimony to the fact that they skew more towards traditional or online schooling methods compared to homeschooling. While homeschooling was the primary education method until 1635 when the first idea of a school was conceived into pragmatic shape. The fact that schools provide a much more cohesive environment where students find themselves partners in crime in the form of friends and guardians in the teacher’s body. Such confidence makes the journey of schooling significantly more enjoyable and informative.

There are many ways to thinks of how traditional or online schooling can be better than homeschooling. For instance, the testing ability that is there is conventional or online schooling cannot be matched. This is because new teachers are hired with a more modern mentality and perspective of things years after years. This helps to bring uniqueness when it comes to questioning a student. When a student encounters a new situation and is left to their imagination to solve the question, this provokes thinking in students and makes them better at learning in general. This is one reason why The GCSE examination that is used all over Europe is rated higher than the Board examinations, which are widespread across all Asian countries. This can give alibi as to why there is an educational diversity between the European and Asian people. For instance, in Board examination exams, words for vocabulary test are already available to the students. Their core responsibility is to replicate what they have memorized. This leads Board students to get high grades while putting a small proportion of focus.

On the contrary, GCSE examination exercises a policy where the people in charge of making the question paper cannot copy even a single question from the past papers or any other content. This means that GCSE students go inside the examinational hall with their understanding of the concept alone. This shows that instead of cramming things, these students focus more on ideas themselves.

Hence, from the prior discussion, we must realize that traditional schooling is a bitter-sweet experience. The fact that such immoral things are ignored at formal education gives evidence of how such conventional methods can be unhealthy for students.

Continuing the discussion, we see that many people prefer to take online lectures and classes. This method of schooling provides the convenience of being free of time and space. Practically, there is no stipulation for students to attend a lecture at a particular time or place. But, in online schooling, both parties can not be entirely sure of whether they have done their job thoroughly or not. Many teachers don’t have the ability to teach online since it requires a certain level of experience to understand how to captivate the student’s mind while presenting them the lectures on electronic devices. On the other end of the thread, students themselves are never sure of whether they have understood a lesson or not. And for inquiries, they have to take appointments from the teacher to have a little direct experience with the instructor. Hence, this method not only involves much more complexities, but it hinders the raw feeling of a one-to-one relationship between the teacher and the student. Many cases have been reported where the students have been handed reports with 100 long words, which they failed to understand completely. And to clear their questions, they have to wait a substantial amount of time before getting hold of the teacher.

Hence, here we see that instead of making the process convenient, online schooling makes the process much more complicated than it should be. Therefore, the lack of practical value reflects the idea that such a schooling method may not be as productive as it is portrayed.

So the question arises that whether or not homeschooling is still useful or not?. Due to the pandemic situation, we see that countries who have suffered the most have to lock down large gatherings to completely control the spread. While complying to the new stipulations, schools and other educational institutions are already closed off. For this, the best policy for parents is to home school their kids. Content for learning is readily available on websites such as the Spellquiz.com. Parents can quickly look upon which grade their kids belong to and use the content mentioned as a helping tool to teach their kids about the subject. This is new to today’s people, but countries such as America, India, Brazil, Italy, and Germany have been heavily affected by the COVID-19. These countries cannot take the risk of opening school due to such a hostile situation. For this, the best policy may be to continue or start homeschooling since it may be productive than doing nothing.

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