Learn Some Important FAQs About eSIM

Learn Some Important FAQs About eSIM


eSIMs are the future of technology with no physical presence of SIMs and the range covering in all areas. eSIM reduces space and you do not need any physical SIM for mobile data API. Well, many people face problems with understanding the use of eSIMs and how one can operate it.

CeliTech is the first digital cellular platform for helping businesses with customer satisfaction. It offers the best network and mobile data eSIM at affordable and secure environments. It also offers digitally friendly and convenient wireless data services. Some FAQs on eSIM are listed as under:

What is the meaning of an eSIM?

It is an embedded sim inside your device. Using eSIM, you don’t have to make use of physical SIM in your device. It stores data needed by the device for connection and makes use of the Verizon network.

How to activate eSIM on a device?

For making any changes to your account, you have to be the account owner or even the account manager. For activation of eSIM on your device, you can go to the stores or contact your network provider.

Regarding eSIM profiles

What is meant by an eSIM profile?

An eSIM profile is like a virtual profile providing store user’s subscriptions and all the network settings.

What is the necessity of the eSIM profile?

An eSIM profile comes in handy at the time of connecting with the network operator for sending and receiving data, calls, and texts.

In the case of unlocking of the phone

How to know if the phone is locked?

For checking if your phone is locked, you can contact the network provider. You can unlock phones with networks but only depending on the terms and conditions on the network agreement.

Is it possible to receive calls and messages on both numbers that you have?

If you have both numbers, then you can receive calls and texts on both the numbers. If you are on call in another number, then any call on your eSIM number will go to your voicemail. But you won’t be receiving any notification for the missed call.

What are the benefits of having dual SIM and eSIM?

Having dual SIM with an eSIM opens up many opportunities that were not available with physical SIM. Like:

  1. Using two phone numbers and two plans on a single device
  2. Being able to use a data plan on a foreign carrier without changing the SIM.

What is the difference with devices having eSIM only and that having a dual SIM along with an eSIM?

A device with the only eSIM means there can be only one sim there on the phone. While A device having both dual and eSIM allows having two different numbers on the same device. Those devices support one physical sim and one eSIM.


eSIM allows wireless eSIM for apps and it is becoming so much handy in the present times. The present world is switching to eSIM but before changing, go through the FAQs if you have any questions in your mind.

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