How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting India

the Best WordPress Hosting India


If you are looking for the best WordPress Hosting India to create your website, you will find a comparison of the best WordPress hosting services of 2019 and beyond.

Besides, I will also tell you my personal experience with some of these providers so that you can have more data and thus choose the one that you believe best for you.

I have decided to write this article because, as a professional web designer, I receive emails with questions related to it. For example:

Which WordPress hosting has a good quality/price ratio?

Is there a cheap WordPress hosting that is worthwhile and not trouble?

My current hosting causes my website to crash and not work, what is WordPress hosting do you recommend?

So, I am thinking about solving all possible doubts that may arise and thus help you choose a WordPress hosting that suits your needs.

Keys to choosing the best WordPress hosting India

Choosing web hosting is one of the most important decisions you must make to start creating your website or blog. It is not enough to choose the cheapest one or the one that does the most advertising, since that does not assure you that it will work well and do not give you technical problems with your website

When I started, I made the mistake of hiring a very cheap WordPress hosting that seemed very good because of the features they offered. However, then it gave me many problems and headaches, so I had to change because my website was not always up.

And worst of all, when I had problems with my website and went to the hosting support service (supposedly it was attention 24 hours a day), it took several hours to reply to me, and they did not solve anything, so the loss of time was immense.

After that, I decided to look for another web hosting services provider to host my WordPress site and began to document myself about the technical characteristics that I had to meet so as not to go through the same problems again.

I mainly lookout who fulfilled these requirements:

  • SSD storage to make your web goes fast.
  • Real support service in your preferred language. It should be available 24 hours every day.
  • Free SSL security certificate to be able to have my website secure.
  • Automatic backup systems in case you delete something accidentally or being hacked.
  • Good storage size and transfer capacity.
  • WordPress auto-install apps

Which WordPress hosting in India I should use?

With personal experience of several happy clients, the best WordPress hosting that exists today is Hosting Raja. I have been with them for more than 2 years, and I barely had a problem with my website, if there were any, it was fix very fast which I like the most.

However, this does not mean that other hosting are not excellent web hosting services for WordPress. They also meet all the requirements so that your website goes fast like lightning. I personally don’t have a single problem with them.

Can I choose a cheaper WordPress hosting?

Yes and no. In the current market, there are dozens of cheap WordPress hosting providers with very different prices and quality. There is hosting that can cost you 25-35 dollars a year. Which mean, you can save your money a lot? However, the quality also decreases a lot and can cause you many headaches, such as:

  • The downtimes are so frequent.
  • Your website loads so slow that your visitors get bored of waiting, and close it
  • You cannot receive emails from users who want to contact you.
  • You risk of losing website and database.
  • The security of your website is null or scarce, and outsiders can enter to hack it.
  • When you have a problem, they do not solve it in your language, or even they do not solve it.

Therefore, you need to buy a good quality WordPress hosting India like the ones I mentioned above.

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