Is PC Gaming Worth the Money?

Gaming Worth the Money


PC gaming has the most varied, broadest, and deepest selection of games than other platforms, like consoles and mobile. It also includes the widest player bases, from competitive Esport players to old school retro gamers.

For many casual gamers, it may not seem worth it to purchase a gaming PC with all the bells and whistles, depending on the games of choice, available time to take part in the hobby, and budget. However, this doesn’t imply that gaming on a PC may not hold benefits. Whether it is improved speed or gaming experience, here are reasons why PC gaming is worth your money:

1. Unrivaled Experience

With a gaming PC, it would be simple to set up many screens so as to have a massive field of view that will drag you into the game.

However, it doesn’t stop at that. The different mice and keyboards available add more dimensions with their LED lighting, though they are also accurate and fast, giving gamers a satisfying gaming experience.

2. Performance Power

A gaming PC is designed for customization and upgrades, so they’re on the cutting edge of performance-enhancing technological advancements on an ongoing basis. Gaming PC may perform much better than consoles, all thanks to their capability to build or buy powerful systems with multi-core CPUs, RAM, storage, high-resolution displays, GPUs, and hard drives.

For instance, Intel® Core™ i7 processor is among the fastest CPUs. With a 1TB HDD, 32GB of RAM, and NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, you can get enough power for VR (virtual reality) gaming.

3. Simple to Upgrade

Among the main benefits of investing in a gaming PC is that you can easily upgrade it beyond its perceived expiration date. If you invest in a powerful system from the onset, you may experience a decade’s worth of excellent gaming without the need for you to splurge on a new system any time soon.

If you are not satisfied with the demands of new titles, which come a few years later, gaming experts, such as Maximilian Lang-Orsini, suggest that you can just invest in a new video card to add another stick of RAM. In the long run, form factors may change, forcing you to invest in another PC, but not before existing console cycles are over and done.

4. Improved Backward Compatibility

In recent years, both PlayStation and Xbox have enhanced their backward compatibility, though nothing can be compared to a gaming PC.

You may play all types of games with a gaming PC, regardless of how old it is, without or with a physical disc.

5. Mature Community

In general, the PC community is mature, and you will not come across that annoying 13-year-old kid on a microphone telling you weird things.

All games produce different communities. When you take part in games like Counter-Strike, you may come across very rude gamers, though playing the likes of Civilization, the community is more mature and friendly.

6. Virtual Reality Feature

VR is big when it comes to today’s games. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro Eye – the highly strong handsets, are simple to connect and play with any gaming PC. Virtual reality through high-end gaming PCs and one of these headsets can be very immersive compared to consoles.

However, even for a gaming PC, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift need serious oomph in terms of processing power, so be sure to invest in a machine with a processor, which can keep up.

In Conclusion!

Microsoft’s powerful Xbox One X console indeed gives a surprising amount of bang when it comes to your buck. However, the costs of hardware are part of the equation.

Therefore, gaming on a PC remains very affordable, and for most individuals, it has the best value for many reasons.

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