Key Responsibilities of Attendance Management Software

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Attendance management is one of the basic yet important tasks for any organization. It plays a vital role in keeping track of the employees’ work timings, leaves, etc. Attendance management software provides real-time unification with attendance gadgets like biometric and face recognition devices. It helps the organisation to build a time structure providing the opportunity to build a centralized time sheet for the team.

Here are few of the key responsibilities managed by the attendance software:

Wage Management: The basic function of the attendance software is to provide the human resources to determine the adequate wage for the employees. It is important for the human resource team to be aware of the working hours specifically for the employee working on an hour scale. Error in data may cause underpayment of the employee and can be alleged of theft of wage. The attendance management software minimizes the risk of such errors and provides a transparent platform for the employee to assure that he/she has received the accurate amount for the services rendered by him.

Time sheet Management: For any organization with numerous employees it is a challenging task to strategize the execution of the working hours for each employee. Time sheet management optimizes this challenge for the human resource team. As it automatically updates the employee of the log in hours once feeded by the administration. It also helps the human resource team to keep a record of the performance of the employee and to build a streamlined workflow for the organization.

Payment of Wages: The attendance management software in india helps the human resource team determine the working days and the payable amount. It also updates the employee about the paydays. Employees tend to work overtime for benefits other than salary. It helps in determining the extra efforts invested and the amount to be paid for those hours.

Attendance Policies: The very first step for an employee is to learn about the attendance policies as they provide the adequate information about working hours, leaves and probation period for new employees. Access to the software ensures that the employee is aware of the policies and the consequences in case of violation.

Configuration of Leaves: It is a challenging task for the human resource team to keep a record of the number of leaves and working days for each employee. Attendance management software makes it easier to keep track and configure leaves as required by the employee. This not only optimizes the workload but also saves time for the human resource team.

Self Service: The self service portal empowers the employee to manage his/her attendance and keep a track on their working hours. It helps in building a transparent platform where the employee can be aware of their performance and working hours which ensures the unbiased pay of the employee. It provides the employee to keep a check on policies and the updates related to attendance and tasks assigned by the administration, keep a track on the number of leaves, and apply for leaves without facing errors.

Enable Geo Tracking: The geo tracking of an employee has played a vital role during lockdown. Geo tracking helps in monitoring the employees actions and alerts the employer about the whereabouts. It helps the employer to keep a check on the employees’ productivity with minimal operational costs. Geo tracking also increases the possibility of recovery of gadgets in case of theft.

Biometric Integrations: The biometric integration ensures secure login as it helps to identify the employees based on their physical features. It ensures the identity of the employee saving the organization from identity theft. As impersonating employees can risk the valuables of the organization and even the life of the whole team.

Attendance management software comprises various other features which works for the betterment of the organization and aims in minimizing the workload. It has proven to be a vital source for small and medium scale businesses and is expanding its horizon. Even for the multinational organizations this reliable HR software has taken over most of the tasks and has helped the administration to explore and focus for development.

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