Use These Steps While Pitching Any Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Use These Steps While Pitching Any Eco-friendly Promotional Products


Nowadays everyone prefers to use any green item for all kinds of business promotion, as such items can always get the maximum attention of all customers. So, let us discuss in this article, how one should really pitch their brand by using any eco-friendly promotional item.

1 Outline your project objectives

Before you take your first step in using any kind of promotional product project, you must be clear about your objectives. In case if you are working with your clients then it is important that you must discuss it, before going for product sourcing.

Why your buyer is trying to look for any promotional product? There can be several reasons and therefore you must engage in a conversation regarding the purpose of your promotional product, and how it will fit into their overall aims for sustainability.

2 Try to understand how your client means by “eco-friendly”

Though it may look quite obvious about any eco-friendly product like seed paper sheets however, there can be many different factors that can also contribute to making products eco-friendly.

It is important to have enough conversation about various specifics so that both you and your client are having the same opinion. Try to find out whether

  • They want these promotional products to have a certain beneficial effect such as establishing a threatened species of native plant or just help the bees?
  • They like to create no waste?
  • They are looking for any fair trade, carbon-neutral or domestically-made products?

3 Source and present

After you have obtained all the information, try to source those products from many suppliers of eco-friendly promotional products, as well as decide how you will present your ideas.

Now you must look for products that fall into any one of 2 streams and then try to present them depending on what impact will they have? Based on their goals your client may and also may not have any preference.

Products that focus on various environmental benefits: All these products will be focusing on the positives by doing something really good for the environment and also off-set negative actions.

Products that will focus on avoiding harm: All these products can help in reducing pollution and waste, by either become reusable or be made with certain recycled material.

What if the client never asks you for anything eco-friendly, but it is important for your business?

As we all know that all environmentally conscious products nowadays are becoming very popular, but all clients are not ready to make that switch.

That is when your business will make a difference by telling them of various benefits of using such eco-friendly promotional products.

To do that, you must focus on a brand image that they will get by properly positioning their company about the environment.

There can be many different steps the industry for promotional product may take right now to improve the environmental footprint.

By knowing about the ecology of production, as well as being open to various new processes, organizations can always do their part to save this planet and also capitalize on increasing demand for being green.

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