Dedicated hosting the best hosting solution for your site with MilesWebhost.


In dedicated hosting a physical server is available to you for your site. Dedicated hosting offers dedicated resources for better performance than that of VPS and shared hosting.  You are the sole individual whobhas full control over your resources.No other user will share same resources and can’t access your data with dedicated hosting.Therefore, your site is much secure and performs extremely well.

As we are covering the topic of dedicated hosting,I would like to describe about the best hosting company which offers the high performance dedicated hosting services to you which boosts your growth, and keeps your site stable and always up indirectly benefiting your business.

Several hosting companies offer dedicated hosting with different plans. This includes a server with storage and bandwidth which are important features where dedicated hosting is concerned with it you also  get access to number of cores that are included in the RAM are also be provided.

We will discuss this factor more in details later and when we talk about how to configure to a dedicated server.

In unmanaged server you need to manage all the tasks by yourself.
When you are using unmanaged server, you yourself need to manage your own server. It includes administrative work, creating backups and monitoring your data. Consider it only if you have technical know and ability to manage your server.  Whereas with MilesWeb managed dedicated hosting you get everything managed by MilesWeb team.

If you want to take full responsibility for unmanaged hosting, it would be very hectic and there would be unwanted tasks to get manage on your own.  I would recommend you to go with managed web hosting. MilesWeb would be a better option for choosing
cheap dedicated server. So, if you are choosing MilesWeb dedicated hosting then it is perfect choice for any high-traffic site that requires guaranteed fast speed and consistent up time,such as for large scale business, E-commerce stores, and large agencies with high-profile clients. 

MilesWeb dedicated Features includes –

1) Powerful Servers

You get good sort of powerful speed and best server performance.  With high quality hardware, servers are built to offer you the best speed and great performance.

2) Hostunlimited sites –

You can move your site from shared hosting;VPS hosting India to MilesWeb dedicated hosting and select your plan accordingly. MilesWeb dedicated hosting offers multiple website feature which means you can host many websites as there isn’t limitation to host.

3) SSH Root Access –

They provide the SSH root access with every dedicated server. You get to install your server and get full freedom.

4) Dedicated IP

With every dedicated IP address you get unique IP address. If you are running an E-commerce website,each individual gets unique IP by submitting a ticket to the billing team.

5) Security –Dedicated hosting is one of the safest hosting as you are the only person who will be using the resources and implementing in hosting.  It is much safer and secure type of hosting and with MilesWeb you get proper security and it keeps your data private. It reduces the risks of data loss.

6) HighPerformance –

With dedicated hosting your site works in a smooth fast and reliable manner. It results in more traffic to your website.  The dedicated server will give your site high power to run quickly, reliable and without interruption even when your site gets high traffic. With MilesWeb, you get excellent performance to your site which results in better uptime and result.

Since, the hosting plan is managed you don’t need to worry about the site’s performance or security. MilesWeb dedicated hosting server protects your site against attacks, monitors its activity, and offers support around the clock. You’ll also have unlimited bandwidth and database provided by them. This would be an addition to SSH and support for Python, PHP, Java Perl and Ruby.

Their dedicated hosting is the most powerful and comprehensive option they offer. Their pricing starts at $99/mo. These rates are really affordable as compared to other hosting companies. They have an expert team which configures your new server which is quicker than you might have expected.

Conclusion –

Dedicated hosting is an ideal choice for the businesses/sites which are having high traffic and want full control over the own server.Dedicated hosting would be a smart choice with MilesWeb hosting company. With MilesWeb hosting, you get best managed dedicated hosting which relieves you from the server management tasks. I would definitely suggest you MilesWeb hosting for your dedicated hosting.

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