Why You Should Choose Customized Tracking Software?

Why You Should Choose Customized Tracking Software?


Customized tracking software is very important for any type of business. The most important things you need to consider when you are deciding which tracking software is best for you are time tracking and reporting features, team management capabilities, price, customer support and training resources, available platforms and integrations, and lastly the ease of use.

Time tracking tools are designed with specific devices in mind. Some tools are made for Windows, others for iOS, Android, or Mac. It’s very important that you take them into consideration for the relation of where you are working. If your job description is required that you are mostly working away from the office, then it would be best for you to have an easy to use app made for iOS or Android. Although if you are working at the office then it would probably be more beneficial to use a Windows or Mac app that includes more features. If you are doing freelance work out if your home, and bill by the hour, then you would need a straightforward work hours tracker. That way you can track your billable hours. If you have a larger sized company you would most likely benefit the best from using an enterprise solution. Specifically on that offers additional features, like self-hosted time tracking, payroll, and employee monitoring, along with many other features.

Take a look at your usual workflow. Aim to find a customized tracking software that fits perfectly with your flow of work. Are you using project management tools such as Trello or Asana? Maybe you’re a developer who just relies on apps like JIRA or Github. Are you communicating and cooperating with your clients through apps? Or are you using business and productivity apps to streamline your business? If so then you should look into time tracking tools that integrate with your everyday use software. If deadlines are a part of your work a lot then you might want a tool that lets you make estimates and compares them with your real-time tracked.

Take another look back on your workflow once again, and take note of all the features your customized tracking software should include. Do you just need the basics? Or maybe you need some more special features also. Are you going to track time with your team? You might need to comply with FLSA or DCAA requirements. Tracking billable hours; is it important for your work?

No matter if the time tracking software offers only the basic features or added features also, it should always be straightforward and simple to use. The main goal of time tracking software is so you can save time by keeping track of all of it. You won’t be able to do so if you are having to spend most of your time learning how to use the program and its features. Before you decide to commit to a time tracking software be sure you test it and make sure it fits all your needs.

The budget you have will may dictate the software that you choose. Keep in mind, you do not have to spend loads of money to have an effective solution. Certain companies will set a flat monthly or yearly rate, while others might set the price based on the number of users, and some could offer you customized pricing.

Whether you own a smaller business or a large company, any type of business has its own requirements. So be sure to choose your time tracking software just right for your business needs.

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