Why Business Broadband Demands Ever Faster Broadband Speeds

Broadband Demands Ever Faster Broadband Speeds


We live in an era where internet connectivity is as important as the air we breathe. If you want to do business, the broadband speed of your work computer and the web site of the company must be absolutely top-notch.

In other words, there’s no logic to run a business, thrive for more, and work on a 56K dial-up modem. You need something that will be flawless. See more about modern solutions here.

In this article, we’re talking more about the speed of your internet, what is best for you, and how to get it. Also, what are the benefits of having a great broadband speed while doing business? Follow up if you want to know more about this subject.

What internet is best for having high broadband speeds?

You have a few options when it comes to getting an internet connection. There are the DSL connection and the fiber-optic cable. The DSL, or copper telephone line, is the traditional way to get an internet connection. This one’s still being used by most connections worldwide.

However, a much better option is the fiber-optic cable, like the one Fibrus has, that is providing a much higher speed and broadband connection. The difference is up to 100 times faster with the optic cable. That explains why choosing optic fiber is the only option you should consider when trying to choose the new internet line.

Some might ask why people are still using standard DSL connections – the answer is convenience. Installing new telephone lines that are going to be made of optic cables means a huge investment. It’s not cost-effective.

Still, those who are building new objects are working by the new standards. The standard says that the outdated copper cables are no longer in use. Everyone installs new optic fiber.

Why today you can’t work without top-notch broadband?

As we said, we live in times when the internet is a necessity. Especially in the business world, having a poor connection is out of this world. Imagine if you need to have a meeting with a business partner from the other side of the world, and the connection keeps falling.

What are they going to think about you? They’ll instantly think that you’re not the best person for the job. If you can’t maintain a stable internet connection, then how are you going to provide the service they require?

Unlike before, when the internet was used for sending emails and almost nothing else, now, things have drastically changed. With the rise of technology, your online presence requires much faster and stronger internet.

You now have drones, artificial intelligence, supercomputers, robots, automation, IoT, and all kinds of things that require data transfer than can’t be done through a 56K dial-up modem.

5G on your smartphone and fiber cable in your office

The year 2020, aside from the scary Covid-19, gave us the 5G network as well. The 5G network is a connection that provides an unreal mass of information for a short period that even the most complex online operations can be done through the smartphone. Every phone manufacturer will soon end 4G production and switch to the novel 5G.

However, working in an office means you need something else. The fiber optic is still your number one choice. The broadband brought to you through this technology is still the best you can find.

You need it for the same reasons. You must have fast broadband so you can be capable of holding on to the new technologies and continue working successfully. All the new apps out there are now updated and modernized, and many of them can’t be used unless you have fast broadband. In other words, having fiber-optic broadband makes your business run.


Everything happens online today. With the spreading of the Covid-19 virus, people realized that the internet is not only a must, but fast internet is crucial. Times are coming when 5G networks are going to transfer data with outstanding speeds. See more about this here:https://www.forbes.com/sites/honeywell/2020/09/18/how-5g-will-change-the-world—and-why-its-even-more-important-now/#262951f214ec.

Not having the right provider for this is only going to leave you watching how the world moves forward. You’re not going to be a part of this movement. Unless you find an excellent connection.

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