Advice for DJs and Producers Sound Cloud tips to optimize Your Profile

Advice for DJs and Producers SoundCloud tips to optimize Your Profile


We will discuss some suggestions in this article on how to optimize your Sound Cloud account and profile to make the most of the service. As a rule, the more you put in it, the more you get out of it, and Sound Cloud is no different. It requires time and works to make a name for yourself on Sound Cloud, but it’s also an excellent way for artists to get exposure through sharing, cooperation, and community. Sound Cloud also raised $60 million in investment in a recent funding round, so don’t expect the service to go off anytime quickly.

First Impressions

The first feeling that viewers get from you and your work is your private profile picture. The larger the image, the better, but at least 500x 500-pixel pictures should do the trick. For each track, use exciting photos. Try to incorporate some visual art from other social media networks, either your own or someone you are in touch with. (For this, Tumblr is fantastic) However, first, make sure you get approval. Who understands, also on their social networks, the artist can blast your job out. It’s always a good idea to include an organic or artist statement as well.


You can attach up to 5 tracks at the top of your Sound Cloud profile using the spotlight feature. To get the most out of this feature, highlight your best work, published or otherwise.

Keep Your Feed Lively

Sound Cloud is increasingly finding a non-musician user base that uses the service to listen to fresh music and explore it. Your feed for your initial songs can be a lovely depiction of your musical taste as well as an outlet. If you post songs again instead of just liking them, it’s an excellent way to keep your feed interesting, and other manufacturers will be able to return their favor. If you are struggling to get Sound Cloud plays you should consider buying them for a quick push to get organic plays.

Keep your Audience Updated

If you’re gigging continuously, it may be worth looking into a service like Gigatools. Gigatools enables you with your updated live show data by automatically updating all your social media pages, including Sound Cloud. It can assist you in maintaining stuff consistently and structured by using their one interface. Keep your live shows aware of your crowd.

Use Groups

Groups are a fantastic way to get together with manufacturers. They are also great at finding fresh tracks for inspiration or playing out. If you post a track to a group, think about making it a free download, that way it will create more of an impression.


Tag Away

Be sure to use the tags of Sound Cloud to discover your tracks for individuals. When applying tags, be as descriptive as possible. Make them specific to the genre and attempt to anticipate what individuals on Sound Cloud will be looking for.

 Don’t Spam

Always keep your remarks constructive and non-spammy on the tracks of others. Resist the urge to plug your Sound Cloud on other people’s tracks in timed comments. It may give you one or two more plays, but you’re sure to look bad. Remember the people who get the most out of the community when interacting on Sound Cloud are those who care about the music, not just attempting to be able to put their agenda.

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