What Makes A Video Door Phone Worthy Enough To Prevent Crime

Makes A Video Door Phone Worthy Enough To Prevent Crime


The crime rate is rising each day and it is contributing towards an unsafe environment for everyone. The amount of safety is reduced even within the walls of your house. Often there are reports of robbery and murder almost every day throughout the world. It is the senior citizens living alone in the cities who are mostly targeted for such attacks.  They are hence at the verge of such risk and require utmost security at the earliest. In this kind of situation, you need something more than well designed locks. Previously there were door chains, door latches as well as peeping holes that helped in knowing who is there right at your doorstep. But such measures are at present considered obsolete. The solution is to replace the old techniques with burglar alarms and video door phones.

How Does A Video Door Phone Work?

The first burglar alarm was designed in the year 1922 in America. This kind of an alarm is considered as a device that can easily fit on the windows and doors.  A burglar alarm with video door phone generally comes with an identity card and code on it. You can go ahead setting a code every time you step out of your home. This device is capable of sensing infrared radiations and therefore the alarm rings anytime the window or door is opened. The alarm sensor is connected via narrow band RF signals or high voltage hardwires to a control panel. This panel is then connected to a dialler and a siren. The dialler calls up the emergency call centres or the owner automatically upon sensing any problem. You can enter your shop or house using the ID card you have and go ahead deactivating the alarm after reaching to stop it from ringing unnecessarily.

Video door phones on other hand assists you to get an idea about who is there at your doorstep. They come with a camera that is installed at the entrance along with an intercom speaker. The entire circuit is well connected to the phone system installed within the home. This phone comes with a video display monitor over which you get to see the one standing at the door. And hence can keep away from opening the door to the strangers. Also, there is an intercom speaker installed at the door which is of great help to know the intention of the strangers behind such a visit.

Stay Safe With A Video Door Phone

Today burglar alarms and video phones are available in numerous price ranges and varieties making home security safer and easier. There are also hand free video phones readily available both online and offline with LCD screens. You can easily carry all such gadgets as you carry your mobile. Most of the video phones come with button that helps in unlocking the door using the phone itself. This also saves you from the trouble of walking up to the door to unlock it while working or in case someone comes home at midnight. And not to be forgotten, they also help to detect the trespassers and keep away from them.

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