Realme 5 Pro Is A Fantastic Smartphone Ideal For Young People

Realme 5 Pro


The achievements that Realme has made have been phenomenal. Why not, in less than a year they managed to occupy the top five smartphone brands in Indonesia which are known to be very competitive. Now, they have launched their newest device, Realme 5 Pro.

After being launched a month ago in India, today Realme 5 Pro is officially present on the Indonesian market. realme 5 Pro will be Realme’s first “Leap to Quad Camera” product series. This device is predicted to open a new era of mobile photography to the Southeast Asian market with a pro-like photography experience for young people in Indonesia.

This device is a successor to the Realm 3 Pro which has been successfully sold in Indonesia. Coming at the same time as Realm 5, this cellphone besides relying on the power of the camera is also equipped with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor which offers speeding performance for playing games.

What are you curious about? Let’s take a look at the full review of Realme 5 Pro below.

The hallmark of realm immediately radiates when you hold this device. Realme 5 Pro adopts a diamond cut design which is the hallmark of this sub-brand smartphone design from Oppo. However different from the previous matte cutting texture, the new generation adopts the original polished surface and the new nanoscale texture.

The entire design process involved 15 prototypes and 78 back detail adjustments, resulting in a new visual effect – holographic colors with cut textures. By optimizing the side curves of the body, the middle frame is visually slimmer and lighter. The sleek 3D design curves backwards, making it fit perfectly in the palm. Ergonomic design like this provides a more comfortable feel when viewed or held.

Realme 5 Pro is available in two color choices. First, crystal green with bright colors that add luxury. Second, sparkling blue, which has been the favorite color of Realme users, which shows a mysterious and premium impression. What color are you?

This phone is equipped with a 6.3-inch screen with FHD + (2340 × 1080) resolution that offers a wider and clearer view. The bezels at the edges of the screen are so thin that they reach a very high screen ratio of 90.6%, resulting in a stunning visual effect.

Realme 5 Pro, like the previous series, still adopts the “dewdrop” design concept with tiny bangs like water droplets to place the front camera and integrated sensor at the top of the screen. In general, the screen quality is very good. Touch screen response accurately used for typing. To watch multimedia content is also very convenient.

Even though it is still a relatively new player, Realme actually opens the era of a 48 MP high-resolution quad-camera on the market. This provides a versatile photography experience that can be applied in a variety of scenarios. Technically, Realme 5 Pro is equipped with a quad-camera with a 48 megapixel main camera configuration (Sony IMX586) + 119 ° ultra-wide-angle lens + ultra macro lens + portrait lens on the back.

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