The stock price for Apple increases from 120 USD to 140 USD because of Raymond James

The stock price for Apple increases


Raymond James increase his target price for the AAPL stock price from $120.00 dollars two $140.00. the catalyst Chris Caso is also said to be implementing a higher rating on the Apple shares followed by the results from the quarter which was released in September.

Chris Caso’s fact

– He believes that investors think that because of the new iPhone, it is a good opportunity for investment. And also, that they can expect their growth for the next upcoming years.

– However, Apple has not yet started the pre-ordering sales of its new iPhone 12 series.

What did Apple report recently?

Resending this week, Apple had reported its quarterly revenues. Since there has been an increase in the work from home, this new work from home has demanded a higher number of sales in Macs and iPads from Apple. This has caused the declining in the iPhone sales to be kept in mind is that the iPhone sales were delayed mainly because of the delayed launching of other smartphones.

What were the Q4 results of Apple that were released in the month of September 2020?

As per the fourth-quarter results of Apple that were released on 26th of September or the end of September, my Apple stated the following. Apple has reported a revenue of 64.7 billion. However, the per-share earnings have shown a slight drop to dollar 0.74, which was dollar 0.76 the previous year. The net income also dropped to 12.7 billion, which was 13.7 million a year earlier. The account from the international sales worlds able to make 59% of the quarter’s revenue.

Despite the COVID-19 cases, Apple is still able to hold itself together and not make a lot of losses for the company. Due to the new launch of the iPhone 12 series, which is going to be one of the biggest innovations of Apple because it is going to be implemented with the 5G technology. It is going to result in higher-valued stocks as well as a remarkable potential revenue for Apple and the investors who will be investing in the stocks.

However, as of now the sales for the iPhones, as stated in the quarterly report has shown that the sales have dropped from 33.4 billion dollars to 26.4 billion dollars. Nevertheless, Apple was able to recover from this loss because of the high demands in is sales of iPad and Mac products by the public including the sales of other extra accessories that come with these two Apple products. You can check releases at from more information.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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