The development of iphone 12 series



In essence, technological progress and its development have a considerable influence that we cannot avoid anymore. But we still have to be wise in doing various things and responding to these technological advances. Don’t let these developments, shift and bury our identity as humans with respect to the norms and values ​​of noble character.

Buy iPhone 12 However, as part of society, and especially as parents, we must take a representative and preventive action, in order to as much as possible prevent the negative impact of technology on our children, especially for teenagers who are a golden generation who will be to become the next generations of parents’ struggles and to form a nation that has moral and cultural character in the future. All forms of television commercials will have a broad impact on people’s behavior. Why not, the power of television advertising can lead viewers’ minds to follow suggestions, appeals, seduction, and / or persuasion in text and media meanings through a package of “virtual world” imagery that has been spectacularly constructed through virtual images. This television commercial work is an embodiment of combining creativity with modern technology, so that it can brainwash and paralyze the viewer’s mind, to want to follow and believe.

 The culture of capitalism that encourages the principles of life in various ways and strategies so that their products sell well from the target target, through various media, they can be consumed by consumers as soon as possible. What is reported by television advertisements through electronic media which almost every day live side by side, has led us to enter a modern lifestyle in the atmosphere of a capitalist society. The reality of life records with the clarity of the lens of thinking that what we have been doing through life is decorated with various capitalist products as a life demand idealized by the world community. Various high-level brands such as Levi’s, Lea, Arrow, Polo, Seiko, Omega, Rolex, Parker, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Ferrari, Mercy, BMW and other brands are part of the life of the executive, as a reflection of a high lifestyle. and this has become a consequence of the dominant classes which have power as an image of their self-identity.

Based on an opinion that expresses how other people perceive themselves, people try to beautify themselves with something of value so that other people who see them image them in a separate class position. A person has a frame of reference if the product he uses has its own value so that it can be reflected in behavior. This is where the intention is embedded in how someone can shape their “image creation” in the eyes of others.

The analogy is only part of the reality of life in this country, this situation will explain, so many of these incidents are abundant in this country which are said to uphold the attitude of mutual cooperation and the nature of helping to help. So dasyatnya the influence of “lifestyle” on the psychology of the people of this country, so that it can create social status classes and differentiate about one’s position in society. All of this is the result of the products of capitalism attacking this country and developing tends to be without any meaningful direction of control, thus giving birth to consumptive and hedonistic people. This situation will continue from time to time as long as globalization is unstoppable and the inhabitants of this country are not fortified with a strong local culture.

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